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Re: Cataloging Computer Select (CD-ROM) Barbara Swetman 15 Dec 1993 01:25 UTC

I'm not sure if Computer Select is just the text, or images of the
originals so this may not pertain.

I asked several months ago on serials list about how other libraries
were handling UMI image databases. I did not receive many responses.

One library was doing brief records in their OPAC and doing full MARC in
the electronic files format as time allows.

Another had added holdings to their OCLC Union list on the paper copy
since the UL is also used to produce a local holdings list.

Finally I had a call from a Union List coordinator from another state,
who indicated they would probably be adding their participating
libraries holdings to the paper copy with some kind of indication that
it is an electronic image.

My conclusions:
If we are going to get these materials, we need to provide access.
Maintenance will be a nightmare.
No one has the time to do original cataloging on each individual title.

In many ways these are similar to microforms in that the content is the
same, it is the format that is different.  Just as some libraries use a
separate record for the MF and others use the record for the paper with
MF indicated in holdings records; this will probably need to be a local

If the electronic file format is to be used there need to be some
guidelines developed on how to enter information. Is the begin date the
beginning of the electronic service ie 1988 or 1990 or the beginning of
the paper publication, possibly many years ago? As with MF do we
describe the original and add notes or do we treat this as the
original? Do the 533 and 534 need to be
redefined to include electronic reproductions?

Ideally, to me, the vendors who sell us these products should provide
MARC records that we can load into our local systems. The CONSER records
for the paper originals exist, it seems these could be used to form the
basis of the description. What standards are now in place for what
should be added/changed/deleted to reflect the changed format? What
standards need to be developed?  I know it's possible to get analytic
cataloging of major microform sets from OCLC, how were these cataloging
projects organized? Can the same be done for these image databases?

Would we get more ideas if we moved discussion to AUTOCAT?