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cataloging analytics for serial CD-ROMs Allison M. Sleeman 15 Dec 1993 01:29 UTC

In reply to Elena Romaniuk concerning ProQuest:

     At the University of Virginia we came to a different conclusion re
cataloging the individual titles for UMI ABI/Inform--Business periodicals
ondisc (ProQuest). We also have a subscription to the service, which in
our case is housed in our Graduate Business Library. We do the cataloging
for this library in our main university library.  When we acquired
ProQuest, we cancelled our paper subscriptions to many but not all of the
serials contained in it.

     We have a record for the CD-ROM itself (OCLC record number 26326812)
in our online catalog. We are in the process of doing in-anals for the
individual serials titles contained in it.  We are starting with the
titles for which we never had paper copies; after we finish these, we are
planning to do in-anals for those with records for the paper copies. In
the meantime, staff members at the Graduate Business Library have indicated on
the copy holdings records for the print copies that we have the 1987-
issues on Proquest.

     We have a good working relationship with the Staff in the Graduate
Business Library. They send us printouts of the covers of the titles from
ProQuest, giving us beginning (and ending) dates, ISSN, etc.

     We search OCLC for these titles. Other libraries must be doing
in-anals for at least some of the titles in the CD-ROM since we are
finding computer file in-anal records for many of these titles.  We are
adding our holdings symbol and providing original cataloging for titles
not on OCLC to OCLC.

     For our in-anals, we are using the call number of the CD-ROM in the
099 field of the bibliographic record since it is an accessions type of
local call number. However, in the copy holdings record, which contains
the call number the way it displays in our opac, we are using the
information: Available on ProQuest.

Allison M. Sleeman, Cataloger,

Allison Sleeman