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Please respond to Danielle Argov; not to SERIALST.  Thanks.  --ed.

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Here is my problem:

DIRASAT (university of Jordan) has several subseries or subtitles and since
we have only a few issues of a few volumes we did not succeed to figure out
how many issues in each volume and if the subseries are regular within each
volume. We speak about the years 1984-90. We tried to get some information
from LC catalog but we found only that Dirasat (1984-89) is a merger of
Dirasat Humanities and Dirasat Natural Sciences and that it split in 1990
in series A and B, and that each issue has a distinctive title.

It does not mention the subseries. Are the distinctive title what I call the
subseries: Islamic and positive law; medical sciences; science and geography?
For example we have vol.12 (science and geography) no.2. What other subseries
are in this volume? what are their nos? how many issues in the volume and for
each subseries? I need this information for the years 1984-89.

We have also vol.17 series A (Humanities) nos.1-5, 1990. According to LC
starting in 1990 there is only A and B. But how many issue in each section?

I hope someone will be able to help me in this matter as I already
got tremendous help from the list about other problems I had previously.

Thanks in advance
Danielle Argov
Hebrew University of Jerusalem