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SERIALST Down Time & Maintenance Issues Birdie MacLennan 15 Dec 1993 20:39 UTC

To All SERIALST Subscribers:

Please note that the UVMVM mainframe will be down for systems maintenance
on Sunday, Dec. 19, for most of the day.  If you try to send mail to
SERIALST (or any UVMVM address) on that day, your message will, at the very
least, be delayed, and at the very worst, be lost or returned to you.

Also, I have been receiving inordinate amounts of bounced or returned
SERIALST mail because various subscribers' disk space has been used up
or filled and their system cannot accommodate one more message.  Since
my mail account can only accommodate so much returned mail, I usually
will receive these types of error messages for three days.  After that,
I remove the subscriber from the list, so that their system(s) will stop
sending me error notifications.

If you are going away on vacation and/or have a limited amount of disk
space to accommodate mail messages, please set your SERIALST subscription
to NOMAIL (send a message to:  that reads:  set
serialst nomail).

Thanks for your help and cooperation.

    Birdie MacLennan
    SERIALST Listowner/Moderator    bmaclenn@uvmvm.bitnet
    University of Vermont