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Australian Society of Rheology query Barbara Loomis 16 Dec 1993 17:22 UTC

Please reply to Barbara Loomis; not to serialst.  Thanks.  --ed.

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   The International Congress of Rheology is not a
genuine series, but we treat it as one.  A patron
wants the 10th.  OCLC says it was published by the
Australian Society of Rheology.  Does anyone have an
address for this society?

    Unless I can verify that it is still available
and where it is available from, I doubt that our agent
will be able to supply it.  Therefore, I need to have
an address so I can write them and ask those questions.

    If someone out there actually has a copy, maybe
the address is in the piece.  The chances are good that
it is not, but maybe?

    If this is beyond the scope of this list I apologize.

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