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Continuing Education Seminars, 1993-94, (updated 12/14/93)
Sponsored by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS)
The University of Texas at Austin

Program Update (7 seminars)

1)  Austin, Texas, February 19, 1994 -- one-day seminar, "Cataloging
Audiovisual Materials for On-line Systems," will be held at the Education
Building, The University of Texas at Austin.  Fee is $45 ($40 @ grouprate).
The speaker is Dr. Joanna Fountain, professional consultant and lecturer at the
Graduate School of Library and Information Science, The University of Texas at

    This seminar will serve as an introduction and refresher to school
public, academic, and other librarians confronting the need to create
original cataloging records for print and non-print materials, or to edit
records obtained from bibliographic utilities and other vendors for local
use.  The presentations will review (1) pertinent AACR2 and MARC
applications, including proposed revisions for simplification and
format integration, and (2) selection of subject headings based on current

    Participants are encouraged to bring cataloging questions, a copy
of AACR2 (1988 revision), and any other cataloging tools about which they
might have questions.

2)  Austin, Texas, March 3-4, 1994 -- two-day workshop, "Library & Information
Leadership Institute 1994: Moving Up in Academic Library Administration," will
be held at the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel in Austin. Fee is $195 ($180 @ group
rate).  The speakers are Dr. Brooke E. Sheldon, dean of the GSLIS, The
University of Texas at Austin; Richard W. Meyer, director of the library at
Trinity University; Shelley Phipps, assistant dean for team facilitation,
University of Arizona; and Mary Moore, Karen Seibert and Mary Lynn Rice-Lively,
doctoral candidates in library and information science at The University of
Texas at Austin.

   Topics include:  "The nature of leadership," "Developing essential qualities
for success," "Values and decision-making in the academic environment,"
"Restructuring the organization: the team approach," "Evaluation of academic
library services; outcomes assessment; quality factors in academic
environments," "Transforming the reference room--trends in delivery of
electronic information," "New roles in fundraising," and "Developing a personal
leadership development agenda."

3) NEW*** Austin, Texas, March 25, 1994 -- one-day seminar, "Using
Micrographics and Optical Disks to Manage Records" will be held at the Thompson
Conference Center at The University of Texas at Austin.  Fee is $95 ($85 @
group rate).  The speaker is Dr. Eugenia Brumm, of Brumm Consulting.

   This program is designed to provide a basic understanding of the tools and
technologies being utilized to organize, store and retrieve records, so that
attendees can make informed choices about the varied forms of micrographics and
optical disk systems.  Topics for micrographics include microfilm, microfiche,
microfilm jackets, aperture cards, COM, CAR, rotary and planetary cameras,
legal issues, and quality issues.  Topics for optical disks include a
technology overview, advantages/disadvantages of OD, critical success factors
for OD, and legal issues.

4) NEW*** Austin, Texas, April 8, 1994 -- one-day seminar, "Non-paper Based
Collections: Strategies for Preservation" will be held at the Thompson
Conference Center at The University of Texas at Austin.  Fee is $65 ($55 @
group rate).  The speaker is Paul Banks, senior lecturer in preservation and
conservation studies at The University of Texas at Austin, Graduate School of
Library and Information Science.

   Types of media discussed will include works of art, photos, film, sound
recordings, realia, and computer media.  Topics covered include causes and
rates of deterioration, copying for preservation and use, controlling
environment, and housing and management issues.

5)  Austin, Texas, April 29, 1994 -- one-day seminar, "Business
Reference: The Basics and Beyond," will be held at the Thompson Conference
Center at The University of Texas at Austin.  Fee is $65 ($55 @ group
rate).  The speaker is Elisa Bass, research librarian at Sematech in Austin.

   Topics include:  "Know your Customer"--characteristics of the business
community that influence your customers and their requests; "Laying the
Groundwork"--key things to ask and know to help you answer requests more
effectively even if you don't have a business background; "Tools of the Trade"
--standard published sources, creative published sources, government filings,
industry watchers & players, major online databases, using the Internet, and
international resources; and "Competitive Intelligence"--how it adds to the big

6)  Austin, Texas, Thursday and Friday, June 2-3, 1994 -- due to
popular demand, we will be having a SIXTH PRESENTATION of the two-day
seminar, "APPM and Archival Cataloging:  a Workshop in the Practical
Application of Archives, Personal Papers and Manuscripts, 2nd Edition,"
held at the Guest Quarters Suite Hotel in Austin, TX.  Do call to see if
space is available, because this seminar is limited to 40 registrants and
filled up very early when given previously.  Fee is $250 (no group rate is
available).  Lunches and handout material are included, but you must bring
your own copy of APPM 2nd edition for use in the workshop.  Copies may be
ordered from Teresa Brinati at the Society of American Archivists, Chicago,
phone (312) 922-0140.

    The speaker is Steve Hensen, assistant director of special
collections at Duke University Library, and author of "Archives, Personal
Papers and Manuscripts," the AACR2-based cataloging manual recommended by
LC, OCLC, RLIN, and SAA as the authorized standard for all archival
cataloging.  The program will be a hands-on workshop utilizing a
combination of lectures, open discussion, and working exercises.  It is
aimed both at practicing archivists with responsibilities in bibliographic
description as well as library catalogers who need to know more about
modern archival cataloging.  Some familiarity with US MARC-AMC format will
be useful.  Topics covered include:  "Archival Cataloging in General,"
"Bibliographic Components and Record Types," " Archival Titles,"
"Physical Description and Statements of Extent," "Archival Cataloging
Notes in General," "Principal and Other Notes," and "USMARC AMC Format

7) DATE CHANGE*** Austin, Texas, Monday-Friday, June 20-24, 1994--the five-day
workshop, "1994 Workshop in Visual Resources Collection Fundamentals: Current &
Emerging," will be held in the Fine Arts Building at The University of Texas at
Austin.  Fee is $395 (no group rate, very limited enrollment), dormitory
accommodations are available in Jester Center through UT Summer Conference
Housing.  The Speakers are Nancy Schuller, senior lecturer and curator of
visual arts for the Visual Resources Collection, Department of Art, The
University of Texas at Austin; Christine Sundt, curator of the Slide and
Photograph Collection, The University of Oregon Library of Architecture and
Applied Arts; and Toni Petersen, director and one of the founders of the Art &
Architecture Thesaurus Project of the Getty Art History Information Program.
Co-sponsored by the UT Austin Department of Art and Art History.

   This workshop is a revised version of the Visual Resources Collection
Fundamentals Workshop held in previous years.  In addition to aspects of
traditional image management, this workshop will introduce emerging issues that
visual resources curators must now begin to consider in their long-range
planning.  It is designed for persons just beginning as visual resources
curators in educational institutions, museums, archives, or the private sector,
those who wish to gain knowledge of the field as a potential career choice, as
well as for those wishing to refresh their training and learn about how new
technologies are changing the visual resources landscape.

   Topics will include:  acquisition and collection development; facilities
planning; conservation and maintenance; circulation and control; administrative
activities; descriptive cataloging and classification; ICONCLASS and The Art
and Architecture Thesaurus; and electronic access to images.

Group rate applies for 3 or more participants from the same organization
or association who register as a group.  For more information, or to register,
contact David Terry at (512) 471-8806; email:;
fax (512) 471-3971.