E-Journal Entries, Desperately Seeking (Ann Okerson) ANN ERCELAWN 31 Mar 1994 13:52 UTC

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 23:12:24 -0500
From: Ann Okerson <ann@CNI.ORG>
Subject: E-Journal Entries, Desperately Seeking

The hardworking cyberstaff of the Association of Research Libraries,
along with volunteer friends in e-land, are working hard on compiling
the data entries for the 4th edition of the DIRECTORY OF ELECTRONIC
JOURNALS and NEWSLETTERS which we hope will be available in May.  There
are, at this point, a number of journals that have proved to be highly
elusive.  They have shown up fleetingly on CICnet or other large sites
or they have been in earlier editions of the DIRECTORY but mail to
anyone apparently associated with these titles, a search through the
e-site, and attempts to subscribe or otherwise hunt them down meet with
no success.

We are offering our problem list to VPIEJ-Land, SERIALST Land and other
lists and ask that if any of you create these titles or know someone who
knows who edits them or know that they have become ex-e-journals (or
never were in the first place), that you send a quick note of your
sightings to us at:


If you give us a successful helping hand, we'll acknowledge you in our
new edition, so please include your name and e-mail address in body of
the message.

Our thanks in advance from Lisabeth King (ARL Research Assistant and
resident Cyberperson), Dru Mogge (ARL Electronic Services Coordinator),
and Ann Okerson (ARL Office of Scientific & Academic Publishing).


ACM Info Flash
American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Automatome (CIC:  1992 most recent)
Between the Lines
BioConservation News
Body Electronic
Braille Forum
Braille Monitor
Cache Update (CIC: most recent 10/93)
CACTUS newsletter (CIC: most recent 5/93)
CARF-Computer Assisted Research
CCO Newsletter
Cerigua Weekly Briefs
Chaos Digest
Chasqui-Latin American Journal on
Chile News Database
Class Four Relay Magazine
Climate/Ecosystem Dynamics
Complexity International
Computer and Information Science
Computer Science Center Link
Cmputing and Network news
Computing Research Association
Computing Services Newsletter News
Connection Science
Cornell Chronicle
CoSN News
Daily Texan
Delaware Valley Rail Passenger
Delta (CIC:  most recent summer 93)
Deutschland Nachrichten
DevelopNet News
EARNEST-the EARN Newsletter
Electronic ERIC-ECCE Newsletter
Electronic Hebrew Users Newsletter
Electronic Letters Onine
Electronic Review
End Process
Energy Ideas (CIC: most recent 12/93)
FARNET Gazette (CIC: most recent 1991)
Federal Information News Syndicate (CIC: most recent 5/93)
Fineart Forum (CIC: most recent 10/92)
French Language Press Review (CIC: most recent 5/93)
Frog Farm
Future Culture FAQ (CIC: most recent 1992)
GNN News
GNU's Bulletin of the Free Software Foundation
Hack Report
High Weirdness by Email
Hindu Digest
ICPSR Bulletin
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Info Mac Digest (sumex.stanford)
Information Arcade Bulletin (Iowa?)
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Internet Advertising Review
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Journal of Fluids Engineering
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Modal Analysis (international journal) (CIC: most recent 91)
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'Nam Vet Newsletter
NEARnet Newsletter (CIC)
NEARnet This Month (CIC: most recent 1/94)
Nekuda E-journal (CIC: one issue 1993)
Neon Gargoyle Gazette
Nework Audio Bits and Audio Software
Network News (CIC: most recent 11/93)
Network--Nova Scotia
NeXT Users Journal
Obscure Electric
Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials (OCLC)
        and other OCLC e-journals
Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis
People Tribune (CIC: most recent 7/93)
Phrist Amendment (CIC: most recent 1/93)
Postmodern Jewish Philosophy
Progressive News
Qic News and Notes
Queer Pride International
RD: Graduate Research in the Arts
Scientist (ISI)
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