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contracting/outsourcing Marcia J. Whipple 05 Apr 1994 20:37 UTC

We have been aware that our library is facing staff cuts and the
closing of one of the branches.  (We are a Naval research and
development library). We thought we read the climate as giving us
3 - 6 months to make our own proposals rather than reacting to
others.  Things are moving swiftly, too swiftly.  I was just told
we are having our first librarian meeting to plan for
contingencies.  This will take place this afternoon.

One of my functions is to oversee the workflow and output of the
Serials Group.  In light of the above, does anyone know of or
have experience with contracting out the work done in serials?
What functions are contracted or outsourced?  How did you decide?
How does it work?  Actually I have other questions and will have
more in the future.  Right now I need a starting point, something
to take to the librarian planning meeting.

I appreciate anything you can give me.

Marcia Whipple