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Periodicals arrangement Judith Falzon 06 Apr 1994 17:57 UTC

I have seen a couple queries on this topic lately but I've not yet seen
a summary of answers.

I will be happy to summarize any responses I get to the following:

If your library does not use a classified arrangement of periodicals, but
has alphabetical arrangement by journal/magazine title, do you use
AACR2 or straight alphabetical (letter by letter or ???)

Was your primary consideration ease of patrons locating wanted journals
or magazines ?

Public, academic and special libraries are invited to post responses to
the list or to me (

Judy Falzon
Western Maryland College

ed. note:  There is also information on this topic in SERIALST's
archives, via gopher searching (, port 70/UVM Listserver
Archives/SERIALST) or LDBASE search protocols for LISTSERV.  --Birdie