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Re: Periodicals arrangement (Susan Smith) Birdie MacLennan 07 Apr 1994 17:20 UTC

In reply to Judy Falzon:
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 94 14:29:00 PDT
From: Smith, Susan <>
Subject: RE: Periodicals arrangement

Hi Judy,

Ours is a special library, supporting forest products research.  I have
arranged the journals by alphabetical order, based on the way our
computerized system prints out our holdings list.  It treats initialisms and
acronyms (TAPPI, PC WORLD) as words, so we shelve them that way.  I haven't
checked our method against the AACR2 rules, but it is consistent with our
printed lists, so makes finding the information easy, which is what we're
all about!

Susan Smith