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Arrangement of Periodicals summary Judith Falzon 14 Apr 1994 18:43 UTC


I offered to summarize recent responses to my query of how library
periodicals are arranged on the shelves in different libraries
(assuming a classified scheme was not used).

THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to respond even though my
query was not a new topic on the list. Here are the results:

2 libraries (small academic & special) use a computer generated
holdings list to determine alphabetical shelf order.

4 libraries (2 academic & 2 special) use modified alphabetical,
ignoring definite articles and indefinite articles as well as
"of" "for" .

5 libraries (4 academic, 1 public) use strict alphabetical.

1 library (academic) uses "main entry".

1 library (academic) uses mainly AACR2 but makes exceptions when the title
could cause confusion.

Thanks again.

Judy Falzon
Western Maryland College