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Periodicals in Storage ? Teresa Ashley 14 Apr 1994 21:56 UTC

We are a multi-campus community college with intracampus loan.  Each
campus has its unique periodical collection, since campus collections
reflect curricular emphases at each site.  There are multiple
subscriptions to some general titles (e.g., _Time_, _New Republic_,
_Texas Monthly_) for course, but in many cases, the subscription to a
title that is housed at a particular campus may the only one in the system.

The majority of our hardcopy titles are supplemented by microform issues
(we generally shelve about 2 - 5 years of paper copies, with some
exceptions).  If we have no microform issues, we may--depending upon
the title and perceived potential usage--retain the paper copies

Some of these paper issues date back 20+ years and are taking up quite
a lot of shelf space.  We are considering putting them in storage at a
remote site.  Students will still have access to these issues, but not
immediately--they will have to be pulled from storage and sent via
intercampus mail to the requesting student.

I should also note that all titles held by the LRS are listed on the
on-line catalog (DYNIX Journal Citation Module) and a "notes field" can
give the remote location, dates held in storage, and any other
information that may be of use to the requestor.

Has anyone on the list dealt with a situation like this?  If so, did you
bind the issues before storing them (none of ours are bound)?  Were many of
these stored titles requested frequently?  If so, did you remove them
from storage or purchase microform to meet demand?

I would appreciate any information, stories, opinions, etc. on this issue
that might help our decision-making.  I am also reviewing the literature.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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