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Choosing a library management system (Susan Smith) Birdie MacLennan 15 Apr 1994 14:10 UTC

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 94 14:59:00 PDT
From: Smith, Susan <>
Subject: FW: choosing a library management system

Hi everybody,
Thanks for all of the great answers about which library automation software
is really good with serials.  Now I have a similar question.  Have any of
you been involved with choosing new library management software for your
libraries?  I'm included on this team because serials are so important in
our collection, and because I use Datatrek, and don't want to lose any of
their qualities.  I'm asking if anyone has put together a matrix or
selection criteria that we could use as a template for our own selection?

 We don't need the results, just the format/outline.  It would help us to
make sure that we haven't forgotten anything.   Have you seen or used
anything from the literature?   Thanks so much.

Please respond to me.

Susan Smith
Weyerhaeuser Technology Center