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Monographs to Serials Bonnie M. Klassen, Library Specialist Sr. 19 Apr 1994 01:21 UTC

As personnel in our library discover that a title we have been doing as a
monograph has become a serial, or always was, it comes to Serials Cataloging
to do.  It has been the practice here for many years to usually withdraw the
monographs, unless we have hundreds done as monographs, and add them to the
serial record.  This is a labor intensive process and involves several areas
within the library to complete the process.  The main advantage to doing it
this way is to have all the volumes sitting together on the shelf.  How are
other libraries dealing with this particular situation?  I am also posting
this to the LIBSUP list.  Thanks for any ideas and suggestions.

Bonnie M. Klassen, Serials Cataloging
Arizona State University Libraries
Tempe, AZ  85287-1006