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Microform Reader/Printers Summary John Brunswick 20 Apr 1994 16:14 UTC

Minolta 605Z or 606Z -               15
Minolta 503 -                         1
Minolta (no model number) -           1
3M 5740 -                             1
Canon PCP80 (or successor model) -    1
Fuji 30AU -                           1

It would appear that, out of a total of 20 responses, the Minolta 600 series
is the hands-down winner with 75% of the vote.  It should be noted that one
person who identified the Minolta 606Z as her top choice also suggested
looking at the Canon Digital Microprinter 100.

Now that we know which reader/printer is the favorite (at least among the
respondents) perhaps some of you would like to answer another question that is
on my mind: what do you charge for copies from microform?  For those of you
who care to respond, please let me know if you charge different prices for
different sizes of paper and whether you have a different price for using a
copy card versus plain old cash.  You may respond to me personally and I will
summarize for the list.  Thanks for your help.

John Brunswick
University of Delaware Library