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Electronic Publishing on Networks Bibliography Charles Bailey, University of Houston 26 Apr 1994 15:38 UTC

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            The Public-Access Computer Systems Review

Volume 5, Number 2 (1994)                          ISSN 1048-6542

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Electronic Publishing on Networks: Part II of a Selective

     By Charles W. Bailey, Jr. (pp. 5-14)

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This bibliography presents selected works, published between 1992
and the present, that are useful in understanding network-based
electronic publishing.  Key sources that deal with related
topics, such as digital libraries, intellectual property rights,
the NII and the NREN, and network software tools, are also
included.  It does not provide detailed coverage of the large
body of literature that deals with general electronic publishing

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            The Public-Access Computer Systems Review


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     University of California
David R. McDonald, Tufts University
R. Bruce Miller, University of California, San Diego
Paul Evan Peters, Coalition for Networked Information
Mike Ridley, University of Waterloo
Peggy Seiden, Skidmore College
Peter Stone, University of Sussex
John E. Ulmschneider, North Carolina State University

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