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Chem Abstracts cancellations Kate McCain 26 Apr 1994 21:58 UTC

Please excuse the duplication--I have cross-posted this to three lists.
Please respond to my personal e-mail address [  ]
and I will summarize if there is interest.

I recently asked members of CHMINF-L about the effect of cancellation of
print Chemical Abstracts on accreditation of undergraduate chemistry degrees
and got some very useful responses.  I now have a different question.

I need to gather some data on libraries that 1) serve MS and PhD students in
chemistry and/or chemical engineering and 2) have cancelled the print
Chem Abs. Would you let me know if your library falls into this category?
If you did cancel the print, how have you handled the information needs of
grad students & faculty? What was the reaction (if any) among the graduate
students and faculty when the cut was announced?  Were there complaints raised
from non-chemists/chemical engineers?

Thanks in advance for any insights you can share.

Kate McCain                        "bibliometrics R us"
College of Information Studies
Drexel University