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Replies to SERIALST (administrivia) Birdie MacLennan 27 Apr 1994 17:29 UTC


Just to notify and remind you to PLEASE be careful to whom you
are replying when you respond to some of the messages that go
out on SERIALST.  A number of you are using automatic "reply"
functions to respond to messages where the authors, or SERIALST
editor(s), have specifically requested that replies be sent directly
to individual authors or specific addresses within the message, rather
than to the list.

Please be aware that most automatic reply functions for SERIALST
messages will point back to SERIALST, and check your mail headers,
for appropriate addresses before sending.  We cannot take responsibility
for forwarding misdirected mail to the proper address.

Thanks for your help and cooperation.

    Birdie MacLennan
    SERIALST Listowner/Moderator    bmaclenn@uvmvm.bitnet
    University of Vermont