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Re: Phone directories L. M. GOLIAN, SERIALS DEPT. HEAD, FAU LIBRARIES 27 Apr 1994 17:49 UTC

    Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton Florida receives
    Phonefiche from UMI.  You have many subscription options with
    this product.  They also have a product called Citifiche? for
    telephone directories from problematic places (i.e. cities that
    have extra copyright on their phone directories or do not meet
    the size qualification to be included in Phonefiche).

    I like the Phonefiche product.  It is used a lot, and the
    information is very up to date.  We get updates every month.  The
    only problem is the constant need to file and refile.

    I know that there is a CD ROM product available, however, the
    last time I viewed it, it needed more work.  I plan to look at
    the product again at ALA if it is available at the exhibits.

    Linda Golian
    Florida Atlantic University

                        Linda Marie Golian
                     Head, Serials Department

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