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IEEE Trans Nucl.Science Arsella Raman 28 Apr 1994 22:32 UTC

While looking up a reference in the 1993 volume of IEEE Trans. on Nuclear
Science, we discovered that page numbering in this volume has been
duplicated.  Pages 1265-1358 occur first in the August and October issues
and then the December 1994 issue starts with page 1265 and runs through
the sequence again.  Authors who include references to v.40, p.1265-1358
should be aware that they need to include issue number or month in the
reference to correctly identify any paper in this page range.

I am pasting a note to this effect on the INDEX pages of v.40, so
readers looking up articles will be aware that
they have two places to look for any reference with page number

Arsella Raman, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Library