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MicroLinx US Courts Library 08 Aug 1994 14:44 UTC

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Our library is currently considering purchasing Faxon's Microlinx.  We are
interested in hearing from any librarians (especially law librarians)
that are currently using this automated serials control system who would
be willing to share their opinions/experience with us.

We are interested in both your overall opinion about how well Microlinx works
in a law library setting as well as your answers to a few specific questions
which follow.  Thank you, in advance, for your time and assistance.

1. What version of Microlinx are you using?

2. If you entered records into your database manually, about how long did it
take you to enter each record?

3. Are you satisfied with the system's handling of multiple copy check-in
(especially in those cases where not all copies are received at the same
time, where copies are shelved in different locations, or where copies
are addressed to different parties)?

4. How did you handle set up of records for titles that require check-in of
multiple parts (i.e. BNA's Environment reporter or the U.S. Code Annotated)?
Are you satisfied with the system's capabilities for handling this type
of material?

5. Do you feel the system's issue prediction capabilities are adequate?

6. How about the claiming capabilities?  Can you easily exclude certain types
of records from the claiming process?

7. Have you used other pc based automated serials control systems that you
liked better than Microlinx?

Thank you for your help!

Lisa R. Larribeau

U.S. Court of Appeals
San Francisco, CA