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(no subject) Birdie MacLennan 22 Aug 1994 22:35 UTC

            I am rather new to this list, so please forgive me if this topic
            has been discussed before.

            My question is directed primarily to European librarians, or, to
            be more precise, serials librarians/library managers from
            countries belonging to the European Union (EU).

            My question: Are larger libraries obliged to tender for
            periodicals? Do they have to go through a tendering process in
            order to choose their subscription agent(s)?

            According to EU legislation, a formal tendering process is
            required each time an institution wishes to purchase something
            that exceeds
            a certain amount of money (more than 200 000 ECU, I
            believe). The formalities are _very_ strict, including
            advertising in the official EU Journals.

            I have been in touch with some university libraries in Northern
            Ireland. They have gone through this tendering process and
            learned a lot from it. Are there any more European libraries out
            there that have done the same? Please let me know.

            Returning  to my initial question: Are (European) libraries
            obliged to tender for periodicals exceeding a certain amount?
            If yes, why don t you all do it? You don t break the law, do

            If no, what are the arguments for not doing it? (I can think of
            a number of practical obstacles, but I am interested in the
            formal arguments.)

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