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Re: ?Best's insurance reports. Life-Health Melodie Sanders 03 Nov 1994 20:48 UTC

Jim Michael (CAT) <> writes:
> I think a more traditional, less complicated (but perhaps less
> detailed) route might be:
> Earlier title:
> 580   Split into: Best's insurance reports, Life-health United States,
>       and: Best's insurance reports. Canada.
> 785 16  |t Best's insurance reports. Life-health United States
> 785 16  |t Best's insurance reports. Canada

> Later titles:
> 780 01  Best's insurance reports. Life-health

That was one of the alternatives I was considering. I was wondering on
the later title, how one indicated where the Canadian stuff wandered to.
Also, I had reservations about calling it a split. The Canadian stuff
apparently has separated from the Life-health and at the same time, they
have adjusted the title of Life-health to reflect the change in content.

> Another wrinkle that occurs to me, though, is this--has the new "Canada"
> title continued the Canadian reports from the Life-health ed., or has it
> also taken on the Canadian material from the Property-casualty ed. as
> well?  If so, then that puts a different light on the situation.

That's my headache! Yes, if I understood the Customer Service Representative,
they removed the Canadian material from Property-casualty and I suspect
others as well. (I only have to fuss with the Life-health and Property-
Casualty... :)  If I took the split approach, wouldn't I have to indicate
in a 580 on Life-health, that the other runs like Property-casualty also
split to Canada?  (And vice versa?)

Thanks for responding!

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