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Re: Serials Check In Software MICHAEL D. BROOKS (CPP) 07 Nov 1994 14:52 UTC

Here at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, we use a stand-alone system
called REMO.  It is a serials management system produced by Readmore, from whom
we receive the majority of our journals.  The system is user friendly and the
technical support people are very helpful whenever I have a question or a
problem.  We have not used a Kardex since 1986.  We use the software on a
Compaq PC with not problems.  The latest update (IMHO) is exceptional.

I hope this little bit helps.

Michael D. Brooks                  E-mail:
Serials Acquisitions Assistant
The College of Physicians of Philadelphia
19 S. 22nd Street                       Phone: 215-561-6050 x.252
Philadelphia, PA  19103-3097                    FAX: 215-561-6477