New Journals/Serials Process Terry Schiissler 09 Nov 1994 20:21 UTC

    We are a small academic library in Canada (total subscriptions about
3,300 and serials/continuations 1,000).  We have a Serials Review Committee
which meets irregularly 2 - 3 times per year (usually towards the end of
the calendar year).  These meetings are to discuss the rejection or
acceptance of new periodical/serial purchases.  My question is - do other
libraries especially academic libraries have the same procedure.  We would
be interested down to the most minute detail as to the structure, guidelines
as to how your committee operates.

    What are your criteria for accepting or rejecting new requests
e.g. - must you have a sample copy
     - is a letter/memo of support from the faculty required
     - is the fact that the title is indexed or not an important factor
     - if a title has to go before your committee if it exceeds or is
       below or above a certain dollar level before it even has to presented.

As I indicated we would be interested in the most minute details you can
provide -- which would be gratefully accepted as we look to revamp our own

Feel free to post to the list or directly to my attention.

Many thanks in advance.

Terry Schiissler
Subscription Supervisor
Library Serials Department
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan    CANADA