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Re: Barcode setup? Rebecca H. Stankowski 18 Nov 1994 14:36 UTC

In message Thu, 17 Nov 1994 15:02:27 EST,
  Larry Crumbaugh <>  writes:

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> 2nd question: Is Notis capable of displaying the latest issue received
> on the public side?

I'm afraid I can't address your barcode setup question, however --

In Notis you have two options for displaying information in the OPAC --
either by posting receipt statements to the O/P/R or by using LSER.

If you go the OPR route (as we do), simply create a receipt statement
that details the currently received issue -- giving volume, issue and date.
The OPAC will have a field constant that says LATEST ISSUE: and then your
information follows.  Then when the next issue arrives you can either
overtype the old receipt statement to reflect the latest issue, or add
another so that more than one appears.

We also post our latest bound volume.  We maintain two receipt statements
on all OPRs and we input the text BOUND: and RECEIVED: so that the OPAC
display looks something like:
           LATEST ISSUE  BOUND:   v. 20, 1993
                         RECEIVED:  v. 21, no. 12 (Dec. 1994)

If you go the OPR route, make sure that you have the value "p" in the fixed
field element S/T -- if that is blank nothing will appear in the OPAC.

If you instead go the LSER route, then every time you receive an issue it
appears in the OPAC.  To my knowledge, there's no way of limiting the
display to only the latest item received, so your OPAC will show several
screens of receipts -- I haven't implemented LSER (for a variety or
reasons) so I have the idea that something like the latest 18 receipts
appear in the OPAC, with the oldest ones dropping off as new ones are added
after that -- but I may be incorrect here.

Rebecca House Stankowski
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