Re: Help with Gov.Docs. JUDITH HOPKINS AT SUNY BUFFALO 18 Nov 1994 16:24 UTC

   I suggest that you do subscribe to GOVDOC-L@PSUVM.PSU.EDU
and set your distribution option to INDEX (set govdoc-l index).
You will receive one message a day listing the subject lines of
all messages distributed the previous day and can then select
to receive in full only those few whose subject lines indicate
that they have something to say about document processing.

   We are a large selective depository and receive the MARCIVE
records.  We have loaded them not in our OPAC but as a resource
file.  Each new title received is checked against that resource
file and the record exported to the opac where SUDOCS number
and exact local holdings are indicated.  Titles not found in the
resource file are searched in OCLC.  Similar work is being
performed for retrospective holdings.  This document processing
is being performed by the Acquisitions Dept. (responsible for
current receipts) and the Cataloging Dept. (retrospective).  While
it is labor-intensive the result is government document records
in the catalog that are under the same degree of authority control
and same level of exact holdings displayed as are non-document
materials.  We are a NOTIS library.

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