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Reinventing the Gifts & Exchange dept L. Hunter Kevil 22 Nov 1994 17:04 UTC

Has anyone got any good ideas about the proper role of the Gifts &
Exchange dept in the context of a rapidly evolving Technical Services
division? At the University of Missouri-Columbia, our Gifts & Exchange
dept has all the traditional functions, plus pre-cataloguing searching
for monographs not firm-ordered, thesis processing, data entry back-
up, &c. If any of you has information that would help us gain a more
focussed or coherent view of the role of Gifts & Exchange, we would
very much appreciate your passing it on.  If there is any interest, I
will summarize responses and post to the list. Thanks very much.

Hunter Kevil
Head, Serials Department
University of Missouri, Ellis Library
Columbia, MO 65201