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Re: OAS Publications Stephen Lacey 23 Nov 1994 14:19 UTC

The National Library of Australia has experienced the same types of
problems for many years.

Despite ongoing correspondence with the Organization direct, we have had
no responses.  We originally placed an order for a publication package
with English language publications being our preference.  At this point in
time we receive the odd issue of some titles (English, Spanish and ?) but
not a complete supply (all without any sign of an invoice).

Past enquiries with subscription agents have proven unfruitful because of
the problem of trying to make and maintain contact with the Organization.

 On Tue, 22 Nov 1994, Elaine Tibbetts-Royce wrote:

> We historically have had problems with the publications received from the
> Organization of American States.  We would like to place the order with a
> vendor that deals with these people on a regular basis.  I have called
> and the vendors I have used in the past have called the Organization and
> none of us can get any answers to any problems we have with their
> publications.
> We would like to know what vendor you order  from or if you deal directly
> with the organization. Do you order the package of their titles or do you
> order their publications title by title.
> Can you please supply the name and address of any vendor you do order
> through. The track record or sucess (and failures) of the vendor. Any
> information you can share on ordering and dealing with this Organization
> will be helpful.
> Elaine Royce

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