Re: Indexing the 210 field Kathy Pratt 01 May 1995 14:39 UTC

"Sharon L. Wiles-Young" <slw0@LEHIGH.EDU> wrote:
>    Does anyone index the 210 in their current online system? Does it seem to
>    help the patrons that have an abbreviation from a citation? Does the
>    abbreviation come close to the abbreviation they have in their citation?

At Los Alamos National Laboratory, we recently completed a project to index
the information found in 210.  Patrons and Research staff have been
very successful in finding needed titles and are appreciative of the
effort! Both staff and patrons have been able to retrieve records from
citation abbreviations and I have been told this has been especially helpful
in identifying and locating foreign titles.

At present, we are adding 246 fields to records which lack a 210 field.  The
abbreviations found in CASSI (Chemical Abstracts Service source index) are
the standards to enter in the 246 field.  (These abbreviations generally
match the science citations which end up at the Research desk.)

I hope this information is helpful.

Kathy Pratt
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Research Library