re. labelling stock Melissa Hartley 01 May 1995 14:43 UTC

In reply to Debbie H Kalvee <debbiek@MUSKOX.ALASKA.EDU>:

          Good luck -- I don't think there is any good labelling
          stock besides SELIN.  We stopped using SELIN and have had
          many peeling labels ever since.  We have tried foil-backed
          labels and abandonned them, and now use a non-foil backed
          variety, which also peels.  Even with ironing, these labels
          will not stick to cloth bound books, and are often found
          curling off of other kinds of covers within a short period
          of time.  It is easy to peel them off.  Many kinds of
          labels were tried.  About the only way one of these
          non-SELIN labels will stay on is if you are covering the
          volume with plastic after affixing the call number label.

          I think that just about everyone at this library Materials
          Preparation staff regrets that we don't have SELIN anymore.
          I strongly recommend that you keep it.

          Melissa Hartley
          Catalog Library Technician 3
          Kerr Library, Oregon State University