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Design News Susan Andrews 02 May 1995 19:10 UTC

Dear Serialists,

I have a problem with Design News (ISSN 0011-9407) that I have been
debating for some time now.  I thought that I would see what others
have done, or if someone has more information than I do.  Design news
was vol.49 for 1993. Unfortunately, they called themselves vol.49 for
all of 1994 also (the numbering is not continuous, it is vol. 49, no.1-
24 for both years).  I checked to see how the index that we have for this
title cited the item and for the 1994 vol. they put 49(50).  And, in fact,
we marked the 1994 vol. as vol.50.  Now here is where the problem is,
Design news is now calling the 1995 issues vol.50.  I am inclined, at this
point, to simply make 2 vol.49s and let the year differentiate.  Does
anyone know for sure that Design news plans on leaving 1995 as vol.50
and continuing on from there or have they just never noticed the
numbering glitch?  If anyone has a better suggestion, or knows something
more about the journal's intentions, I would love to hear from you.
Please contact me at

Thank you,
Susan Andrews
Serials Catalog Librarian
East Texas State University