NASIG 1995 Conference Marcia Tuttle 02 May 1995 21:03 UTC

The 1995 Tenth Anniversary NASIG (North American Serials Interest Group)
Conference will be held at Duke University in Durham NC from June 1-4.
The registration deadline is May 10 -- nine days from now. I am attaching
a brief schedule of events. If you would like either a registration form
or more information about the program, please let me know directly, not
through serialst.

I've heard rumors today of an airline fare war, but I can't confirm that.
Check with your travel agency for the good news.

Marcia Tuttle, Chair
1995 Conference Planning Committee
Phone: 919 962-1067
FAX:   919 962-4450

                        NASIG CONFERENCE SCHEDULE
                        June 1, 1995 - June 4, 1995
                        Duke University, Durham North Carolina


7:45am-6:00pm GENERAL REGISTRATION, Bryan Center, Hanks Lobby



       General session: "The Internet Information Delivery Revolution"
               Richard W. Wiggins, Campus-Wide Information System
               Coordinator, Computer Laboratory, Michigan State University

       Breakout sessions: "Gopher Gold and Gopher Gears: Using and
                Maintaining Gophers"                     (presented twice)
               Donnice Cochenour, Serials Librarian, Colorado State
               Marilyn Geller, Internet Product Specialist, Readmore, Inc.

              "Electronic Dream Catchers and Spinning Charlotte's Web: Using
                and Maintaining Worldwide Web Services" (presented twice)
               Birdie MacLennan, Serials Coordinator, University of
               Maggie Rioux, Acquisitions Librarian, Woods Hole Oceano-
               graphic Institution

2:00pm-4:00pm  LIBRARY TOURS

2:00pm-5:30pm  WELCOME RECEPTION, Bryan Center, Schaefer Mall

5:30pm-7:00pm  OPENING SESSION CELEBRATION,Bryan Center Reynolds Theatre

        General Greetings:  October Ivins, NASIG President

        Welcome & Introductory Remarks:  Jerry D. Campbell, Ph.D.,
          Vice Provost for Library Affairs and University Librarian,
          Duke University

        Introductions:  Mary Elizabeth Clack, Serial Records
          Team Leader/Staff Development Officer, Harvard College Library

    NASIG Tenth Anniversary Conference Panel

         John F. Riddick, Co-chair, NASIG 1st year;
              Head, Acquisition Services, Park Library,
              Central Michigan University

         John Merriman, Chair and Conference Organizer, UKSG &
              NASIG Advisor;
              Editor, Serials, United Kingdom Serials Group

          Keith Courtney, Speaker, 1st NASIG Conference;
              Director, Taylor and Francis Ltd.

          Tina Feick, President, NASIG 2nd & 3rd year and 1st
            Conference Local Arrangements;
              Sales Manager-US, Blackwell's Periodicals Division

          Rebecca Lenzini, Co-chair, NASIG 1st year;
              President, CARL Corporation

7:00pm--9:00pm  RECEPTION AND BIRTHDAY PARTY, Bryan Center, Schaefer Mall


6:45am-8:15am  BREAKFAST, West Campus Union, Blue and White Room

8:30am-8:45am  WELCOME AND ANNOUNCEMENTS, Bryan Center, Reynolds


     8:45am-9:30am  "From Serial Publications through Document Delivery to
                Knowledge  Management: Our Fascinating Journey, Just Begun"
                Paul Evan Peters, Executive Director,
                Coalition for Networked Information

     9:30am-10:00am "The ACM Electronic Publishing Plan"
                Peter J. Denning, Ph.D., Associate Dean For Computing
                and Director for the Center for the New Engineer
                in the School of Information Technology and Engineering,
                George Mason University;  Chair, ACM Publications Board


10:15am-10:45am   BREAK

            HOT PROJECTS IN PROGRESS  (Attend ONE Project Session)

     1) PROJECTS SESSION 1 (1A and 1B)
            1A)  "SCAN: Scholarship for CAlifornia on the Net"
                    Rebecca Simon, Manager, Journals Division,
                    University of California Press
            1B)  "Resources for Mathematicians: The Evolution of e-MATH"
                    Patricia A. Morgan, Director of Production
                    and Electronic Products and Services,
                    American Mathematical Society

     2) PROJECTS SESSION 2 (2A and 2B)
            2A)  "Electronic Journal Update: CJTCS"
                    Janet H. Fisher, Associate Director for
                    Journals Publishing, MIT Press
            2B)  "Developing an Electronic Journal: a John Wiley
                  & Sons Project"
                    Gregory St. John, Director, STM New Media Development,
                    John Wiley & Sons

     3) PROJECTS SESSION 3 (3A and 3B)
            3A)  "Carnegie Mellon University and University Microfilms
                  International,`Virtual Library Project'"
                    Charles B. Lowry, Ph.D., University Librarian,
                    Carnegie Mellon Libraries
            3B)  "Elsevier's Step Toward Full-Text Electronic Delivery"
                    John Tagler, Director of Corporate Communications,
                    Elsevier Science

     4) PROJECTS SESSION 4 (4A and 4B)
            4A)  "Transforming an E-Journal Archive to a Collection:
                  The CIC Cooperative Project"
                    Charlene Mason, Associate University Librarian
                    for Systems and Technical Services,
                    University of Minnesota Libraries
                    Gay N. Dannelly, Collection Development Officer,
                    The Ohio State University Libraries
             4B) "Springer-Verlag's Electronic Projects"
                    Robert C. Badger, Director, Electronic Development,
                    Springer-Verlag, NY Inc.

12:00pm-1:30pm LUNCH, West Campus Union, Blue and White Room

1:30pm-3:00pm WORKSHOP SET  I  (10 choices)

3:00pm-3:30pm BREAK

3:30pm-5:00pm WORKSHOP SET I  (repeated)

6:00pm-- DINNER, West Campus Union, Blue and White Room
                DURHAM BULLS GAME


6:00pm    DINNER, West Campus Union, Blue and White Room
               6:30pm--EVENING IN CHAPEL HILL


6:30am-7:30am FUN RUN/WALK, Assemble at Bryan Center to walk to Duke Forest

7:00am-8:30am BREAKFAST, West Campus Union, Blue and White Room

                             Reynolds Theatre


     8:45am-9:05am "Copyright and Fair Use in the Electronic Era"
           Laura N. Gasaway, Director of the Law Library & Professor of Law,
           University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

     9:05am-9:25am "High Voltage in the Electronic Age; or Don't Put
         Your Finger in the NII Socket"
           Carol A. Risher, Vice President for Copyright and New Technology,
           Association of American Publishers

     9:25am-9:45am "Whose Work is It Anyway? Perspectives on the
          Stakeholders and Stakes on the Current Copyright Scene"
          Ann L. Okerson, Director, Office of Scientific & Academic
            Publishing, Association of Research Libraries (ARL)


10:15am-10:45am  BREAK

                     (Attend ONE Session)


              "The Alarmists vs. the Equilibrists: Re-examining the Role
               of the Serials Professional in the Information Age"
               Thomas W. Leonhardt, Director, Library Technical Services,
                    University of Oklahoma

               "What If They Started Talking?: New Roles for Librarians
                and Staff in Change Management"
                    David S. Goble, Resource Delivery Manager,
                    North Carolina State University Libraries


               "Breakfast at the fun de sie`cle"
                Eyal Amiran, Co-editor, Postmodern Culture,
                     Assistant Professor of English,
                     North Carolina State University

               "Five Years of Bryn Mawr Classical Review"
                James J. O'Donnell,  Editor, Bryn Mawr Classical Review
                     Professor of Classical Studies,
                     University of Pennsylvania

                 REMOTE RESOURCES

               "Mr. Serials Re-Visits Cataloging: Cataloging Electronic
                Serials and Internet Resources"
                Eric Lease Morgan, Systems Librarian,
                     North Carolina State University Libraries

               "U-R-Stars: Standards for Controlling Internet Resources"
                Priscilla Caplan, Assistant Director for
                     Library Systems, University of Chicago Library

12:00pm-1:30pm LUNCH, West Campus Union, Blue and White Room
                                NASIG Networking Nodes

1:45pm-3:15pm WORKSHOP SET  II   (10 choices)

3:15pm-4:00pm BREAK

4:00pm-5:30pm WORKSHOP SET  II  (repeated)

6:30pm--8:30pm  PIG PICKIN', Cameron Indoor Stadium



7:00am-8:30am  BREAKFAST, West Campus Union, Blue and White Room

8:30am-9:30am  BUSINESS MEETING AND AWARDS, Bryan Center, Reynolds

9:30am-10:00am  BREAK

                                 21ST CENTURY SERIALS, Bryan Center,
                                 Reynolds Theatre

     10:00am-10:30am " The Transformation of a Nation: the Impact of
            Politics and the Potential of Technology on Information
            Access in South Africa"
             Dianne Leong Man, Assistant University Librarian
             (Technical Services), University of the Witswatersrand

     10:30am-11:00am   "Security and Uses of the Internet"
            Steven M. Bellovin, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff,
            AT&T Bell Laboratories

     11:00am-11:45am  "Serials in the Networked Environment:
           Into the Future with Readers, Authors and Publishers"
            Clifford Lynch, Director of Library Automation,
             Office of the President, University of California

11:45am-12:00pm  CONFERENCE CLOSING
              Julia Gammon, NASIG Vice President/President-Elect

12:00pm - 1:00pm    BOX LUNCHES
                    USER GROUPS

1:00pm-6:00pm   TOURS

The theme of this year's conference is "Serials to the Tenth Power." We
believe you will enjoy the programs as well as special activities and
souvenirs celebrating this anniversary conference. When you receive your
conference booklet, please complete the Registration Request form
carefully and return it to the appropriate address as soon as possible.
Registration is open to NASIG members only until April 1, 1995; after that
date we will also accept registration from non-members.

Conference registration fees this year are $255 for double accommodation,
$300 for single accommodation, and $230 for commuters.

Duke Campus and its Facilities

Duke University, known internationally for its academic excellence and
beautiful campus, provides the perfect backdrop for the NASIG Conference.
Duke is located in the city of Durham, the northern point of North Caroli-
na's tri-city metropolitan area known as the "Research Triangle." Durham,
famous as the "City of Medicine," is also home to North Carolina Central
University. Nearby cities include Chapel Hill, where the University of
North Carolina is located, and Raleigh, the state capital and site of North
Carolina State University.

Situated in the heart of the Piedmont region, the Triangle enjoys a moder-
ate climate, with the Appalachian highlands and the Atlantic coast each
only a few hours away. The Research Triangle Park, a 6,550 acre interna-
tionally known complex of high-tech research and industrial facilities,
links the cities and universities of the area. The presence of older cul-
tural and agricultural institutions combined with the excellence in health
care, education, and industry make the Triangle one of the most exciting
areas of growth and development in the country, as noted recently in Money
and Fortune magazines.

The hub of NASIG activities will be the Bryan University Center, a modern
facility including auditoriums, theatres, conference rooms, the Duke Uni-
versity Store, and informal dining and conversation areas. The Rathskel-
ler, on the lower level of the Bryan Center, will be open each evening for
late-night indoor or outdoor socializing.


Air-conditioned sleeping rooms have been reserved in Few Quadrangle, one
of the gothic-style living areas in the center of campus, and Edens
Quadrangle, downhill from Few and more modern in appearance. Rooms are
equipped with beds and linen (including wash cloths), desk, chest of
drawers, bookcase, closet or wardrobe, and ceiling light. Baths are shared
and in most cases open off the halls. Both doubles and singles are
available, but there are many more doubles than singles, and we encourage
you to share. One or more floors will be reserved for couples. Laundry
facilities are close by. Vending machines and telephones for local,
collect, or credit card calls are located in each dorm. Please note that
Duke University policy prohibits children in dormitories.

Check-in time is noon and check-out time is 11:00 a.m. Luggage storage is
available. Extra nights, either before or after the conference, are
available at the single room rate, $35.40 a night.

Several hotels are in the general vicinity of the Duke West Campus, and
blocks of rooms have been reserved for NASIG attendees. Those staying in
one of the hotels should make their own reservations.

          Durham Hilton                      Brownstone Inn
          3800 Hillsborough Road             2424 Erwin Road
          Durham NC 27705                    Durham NC 27705
          Phone: 919 383-0833                Phone: 919 286-7761
          Fax:   919 383-4287                Fax:   919 286-7761, x160
          $69.00/room                        $49.00 single
                                             $56.00 double

          Omni Europa Hotel
          1 Europa Drive
          Chapel Hill NC 27514
          Phone: 919 968-4900
          Fax:   919 968-3520

The Hilton is a few miles from Duke and has a courtesy van to and from the
campus. The Brownstone and Washington Duke are a long daylight walk from
our part of the campus; walking at night is not recommended. Although the
Hilton has a van service to campus, we strongly suggest that you consider
hotel accommodations only if you have your own transportation.

Travel Information

-    Air: The Raleigh-Durham International Airport, served by most major
     airlines, is located about 18 miles to the east of the Duke Campus.
     Car rental, taxi, and limousine services are available at the airport.

-    Special reduced airfares. NASIG's travel coordinator, ATI Travel Man-
     agement, has negotiated a special air travel program with AMERICAN

                                AMERICAN OFFERS

     A Bonus discount of 5% below the lowest fare for which you qualify,

     OR, if you cannot meet the restrictions of the deeply discounted super
     saver fares,

     A NASIG exclusive discount of 15% off American's full coach airfares
     with a seven day advance purchase.

     Space is limited, restrictions and cancellation penalties do apply.
     Travel is valid for the Continental U.S. (Including Hawaii) and Cana-
     da, between May 30 and June 7, 1995.

                           Call ATI Travel Management
                    800-477-4402 Continental U.S. and Canada
                           312-644-6642 Illinois only
                             Monday through Friday
                              9AM-5PM Central time

     NASIG earns one free ticket for each 40 tickets purchased to support
     the Student Grant program. Please help if you can!

-    LTD Services (919 840-1829 or toll-free 800 432-8008) will provide
     limousine service from RDU to Duke. Travel from Raleigh-Durham Airport
     to Duke University will be $20 per person one way, or $30 roundtrip.
     Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance of arrival
     and should include first name, last name, flight number, and time of
     arrival. For setting the return time to RDU, LTD advises making sure
     one arrives at least an hour before departure.

-    Car: Duke's campus is easily accessible from both Interstate 85 (north
     and south) and Interstate 40 (east and west). Your registration con-
     firmation will contain maps and narrative instructions.

Conference Dining

Conference registrants will use their name tag for breakfast, lunch, and
dinner "all you can eat" meal privileges. The name tag must be shown at all
conference-sponsored meals. Breakfasts will be served in the Blue and White
Room, an 800-seat cafeteria dining area located in the West Union Building.
A wide variety of breakfast choices is featured. Lunch on Friday and Satur-
day will also be served in the Blue and White Room. Lunch menus typically
include sandwiches, hot entrees, salad bar, and several dessert choices. In
keeping with NASIG tradition, box lunches will be provided on Sunday for
all conference registrants to ensure timely attendance at post-conference
tours or post-conference discussion group meetings.

Dinner on Thursday will consist of a reception with heavy hors d'oeuvres
(wine and non-alcoholic beverages provided), followed by a birthday cake-
and-champagne celebration of NASIG's 10th anniversary. (See separate
description of anniversary events for more detail.)

Dinner on Friday, which is the "free evening," will be available at the
Blue and White Room, or registrants may opt to dine off-campus at their own
expense at one of the area's fine restaurants. A list of restaurants will
be in conference packets.

Saturday's informal pig pickin' at Cameron Indoor Stadium will showcase
regional specialties -- pork barbeque, fried chicken, and brunswick stew
-- with all the trimmings. Beer and non-alcoholic beverages will be
provided.  Following the meal we have planned a presentation by Carolina
Heartland Cloggers, leading to a square dance for all with Banjo in the
Hollow band and a local caller. There will be a cash bar during the

In addition to the conference-sponsored meals, the Bryan Center offers a
number of other food and beverage outlets, and dorms are equipped with
vending machines.

Clothing and Weather

Early June weather in Durham can be warm or cool, wet or dry. Most likely
it will be sunny with daytime highs in the 70s, but it's best to be pre-
pared for showers and cooler weather. In keeping with NASIG tradition,
casual clothing and comfortable shoes remain the recommended attire.

Recreation Facilities and Fun Run/Walk

Duke's excellent recreational facilities will be available to NASIG confer-
ence goers. They include tennis, squash, and racquetball courts, weight
room, outdoor running track, sauna, aquatic center, and the Duke golf
course (fee charged for golf). Numerous jogging and nature trails run
through Duke Forest. In addition, the Sarah P. Duke Gardens are located on
campus and are open from 8:00 a.m. until sundown. Brochures, maps and
schedules for these campus facilities will be available at the conference
registration area.

The Fun Run/Walk is scheduled for 6:30 - 7:30 am on Saturday and will be
held on the Duke jogging trail which encircles the Duke golf course.

Preconference: "Gophers and Webs: A Cyber Safari"

In conjunction with the 10th annual NASIG Conference, the Electronic Com-
munications Committee takes you on a safari in cyberspace. Preconference
attendees will explore the pros and cons of the two basic navigational
tools of the Internet: Gopher and World Wide Web. The keynote speaker,
Richard W. Wiggins, will discuss each tool from the perspective of user
friendliness, access to resources, maintenance, and other issues. This
presentation will be followed by two breakout sessions, covering each of
the tools in depth. The breakout sessions will be repeated so that all
attendees may participate in both sessions. A cost recovery fee of $30
will be charged. Registration is limited to 200 persons.

Friday Night Optional Activities

NASIG has two planned offerings for Friday night -- or, registrants may
make their own plans. Duke buses will transport conference goers to either
a Durham Bulls baseball game or nearby Chapel Hill, home of the University
of North Carolina. Please indicate your choice on the registration form.

The world famous Durham Bulls are playing a home game on Friday night, and
everyone who is a baseball fan (or just plain likes a good time!) will want
to attend. NASIG will reserve a block of seats and arrange transportation
to the ballpark. The Bulls are great fun, and this will be their first
season in a new ballpark (no, not the movie ballpark, but an olde-tyme
one like the Orioles Park at Camden Yards). Reserve your seat at the
ballpark on the registration form. Play Ball! Cost is $10.00 per person for
ticket and transportation.

"Evening in Chapel Hill" will include a number of interesting choices, some
of which are being specially arranged for NASIG. These include a show at
the University of North Carolina's Morehead Planetarium (8:30 pm); a "tech-
nogeek peek" at the latest in library education -- the new, state-of-the-
art computer lab at UNC's School of Information and Library Science; and
the wonderfully renovated Wilson Library, center of UNC's renowned special
collections. Any of these options may be covered during the early evening,
with plenty of time to stroll through the spacious tree-lined campus or
soak up the atmosphere of Franklin Street, the social center of the "South-
ern Part of Heaven." Explore funky boutiques, diverse restaurant choices,
book stores, hangouts and watering holes, or music clubs. Specific informa-
tion on who is playing at which club will be available at the registration
desk. Cost is $5.00 for transportation. Persons attending the Planetarium
show will pay $3.50 at the entrance.

There are numerous other options people may wish to explore on their own --
Durham's Ninth Street neighborhood, full of interesting shops and bistros;
Brightleaf Square, a tobacco warehouse turned shopping mall; as well as
other cultural activities that will be happening in the area. Groups inter-
ested in forming their own entertainment plans may also use this time slot.

Library Tours and Exhibits

Between 2:00 and 4:00 pm on Thursday, June 1, librarians at Duke's Perkins
Library and its Medical Library will be available to lead tours of their

Sunday Tours

     -    Capital City Sampler: Historic Raleigh. See the historic heart of
North Carolina's capital city. Stops include Mordecai Historic Park, the
State Capitol Building, North Carolina Museum of History, and the Executive
Mansion, home to the state's Governor. Minumum 25 persons. Price: $25.00.

     -    Research Triangle Park Special Libraries. A tour of select compa-
nies doing some of today's most cutting-edge research! Includes Glaxo Phar-
maceutical, the North Carolina Microelectronics Center, Burroughs-Wellcome
Co., and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Minumum
10 persons. Cost: $10.00 transportation.

     -    Durham History Tour. Includes Duke Homestead and Tobacco Museum,
Bennett Place (Civil War Site), and the North Carolina Museum of Life and
Science. Minumum 20 persons. Cost: $20.00.

All tours will begin at 1:00 pm and will end by 6:00 pm. Conference goers
with evening flights may take either the Raleigh or Research Triangle tour
and be dropped off at the airport before 6:00. Luggage may be left on the
buses; the driver stays with the bus.

Conference Phone Numbers

The NASIG office will be open during the day for emergency calls. That
telephone number and the after-hours number will be included with your
registration confirmation.

Day Care Arrangements

NASIG is unable to provide day care, but we plan to have a list of names
and phone numbers to send upon request. Please note that Duke University
policy prohibits children in dormitories. Direct your inquiries to Elaine
Teague at or phone 919 315-4262. NASIG is not
responsible for the service provided.

Registration Information

Full registration includes housing, all conference materials, attendance
at sessions, and all meals, including the Tenth Anniversary Birthday
Party, and the Pig Pickin' and Square Dance. Registrants can purchase
additional meal tickets and make extra tour and "free evening" reserva-
tions by indicating their needs on the Registration Form. All guest meal
tickets must be purchased in advance. Registration will be confirmed upon
receipt of payment.

For registration questions you may e-mail the registrar, Marla Edelman,
at (e-mail preferred) or phone 910 334-5996.

Other conference-related questions may be directed to the Conference
Planning Committee Chair, Marcia Tuttle, at
(e-mail preferred) or 919 962-1067.