Re: alpha vs classification Lisa Macklin 03 May 1995 18:30 UTC

In reply to Kathleen Hanrahan <KHANRAHAN@JCVAXA.JCU.EDU>:

There are 2 articles in _Serials Review_ on the arrangement of periodical
collections you might want to look at.

1. Segesta, Jim and Gary Hyslop. "The Arrangement of Periodicals in American
Academic Libraries." _Serials Review_ v. 17 n. 1 1991.

2. Thornton, Glenda Ann.  "Physical Access to Periodical Literature:  The
Dilemma Revisted and a Brief Look at the Future." _Serials Review_ v. 17 n.
4 1991.

I worked with Glenda at the University of North Texas when she wrote this
article.  We were discussing the feasiblity of classifying a periodical
collection that was currently shelved by title.  This article might give you
some insight into the various pros and cons of this issue.

I am certain there are other articles in the library literature as well.

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