Re: Routing Journals Martha Coleman 04 May 1995 03:09 UTC

In reply to Terry Schiissler:

We photocopy the table of contents of selected journals and route the
photocopy around campus.  Faculty and admin. are good about forwarding
the list.  People place their initials next to articles of interest.
When the copy is returned to the library, copies are made, charged to
the appropriate department and sent.

If 2 people want to read the same article, we make one copy and route
it.  If people want their own copy, they can copy what we send and
forward our copy to the second (or third) person.

A small card in the checkin kardex lists the names for routing.  Our new
automated serials module will create routing slips, but it is not
operational yet.  That should help.

Martha Coleman -
Westark Community College - Boreham Library - Fort Smith, AR