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Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 10:55:17 -0800 (PST)
From: Shiela Keil Osheroff <osherofs@CCMAIL.ORST.EDU>
Subject: RE: SPORT Discus -- CD-ROM cataloging question (Jennifer Edwards)

     Hi, Jennifer!
     I had another thought while reading your description of the disk label
     and the information about the manual for the "included" title being
     available also.  Could it be that the publisher of the CD put both
     databases on the CD as two separate databases?   If we had it here,
     I'd ask our CD coordinator to mount it on a workstation so we could
     look at it.  I realize that isn't always easy to do in other

     The descriptions in my OCLC tagging manual for serials format don't
     really seem to fit the use you suggest for the 246 (though at first I
     was inclined to agree with your preference).

     After I knew what the CD has, and how it's set up (i.e., one or two
     databases), I'd add to the SPORT Discus record:
     [For separate db]: a 580 note: "Diskette for 1975-1995 also contains
     database for HERACLES, 1975-1992" and a 730 00 [CONSER std] or 02
     [local use of OCLC] $t Heracles

     [For merged databases]: a 580 note: "Database for HERACLES, 1975-1992
     incorporated into SPORT Discus, 1975-1995" and a 780 10 $t.

     The HERACLES record (assuming you had been getting that title also)
     would get:
     - For separate databases:
        a 580 note: "1975-1992 issued on diskette with SPORT Discus,
     1975-1995" and a 777 1B $t Sport discus
     - For merged databases:
        a 580 note: "1975-1992 incorporated into SPORT Discus, 1975-1995"
     and a 785 10 $t Sport discus

        You may get other advise from libraries who regularly do CONSER or
enhance cataloging. If so, I'd be interested in seeing it.

        Good luck!
        Shiela Osheroff
          Asst. Head, Acquisitions (formerly Serials Cataloger)
                Oregon State University  Corvallis

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Date: Mon, 08 May 1995 15:57:00 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Jennifer L. Edwards" <>
Subject: SPORT Discus (cd-rom cataloging question)

This is being cross-posted to AUTOCAT, SERIALST, and EMEDIA.  Please excuse
any duplication.

I have a question about a possible title change for the CD-ROM SilverPlatter
title "SPORT Discus."

The issue we just received came with a note that said SPORT Discus now includes
HERACLES.  A manual for the HERACLES database can be ordered by current
SPORT Discus subscribers.

At the top of the disk itself is "SPORT Discus (1975-March 1995)", with
"HERACLES (1975-1992)" just underneath.  To the left (or "west") side, just
above the red SilverPlatter logo, is "SPORT Discus."

My question is -- should this treated as a regular title change or can I just
add 246s to the current serial record?

Please cite any sources that might deal with this kind of problem.

Jennifer L. Edwards
Serials Cataloger
Kansas State University Libraries
Manhattan, KS  66502
(913) 532-6945 ; email: