Revue de Belles-Lettres (RBL) Helen M. Aiello 24 May 1995 22:02 UTC

Can anyone help on this one:

RBL (Revue de Belles-Lettres) seems to have gotten its enum/chron a bit muddled:
In 1993, it started with 116e annee, no.1.  The next issue came out as
117e annee, no.2/4.

1994 started off as 118e annee, no. 1-2.

There has been no comment in any of the issues after 116e annee, no.1 that
somebody may have goofed.  So, I am wondering if they are simply thinking,
c'est la vie and not concerend that they skipped some numbers in there or
we have a very big gap, i.e. 116e annee no.2/4 and 117 annee no.1!

I know I could write to the publisher, but if someone already has the answer,
thought this would be faster.  Thanks in advance for the help.

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