Workflow in an automated serials check-in environment (Rosemary Meiklejohn) Birdie MacLennan 01 Jun 1995 03:46 UTC

Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 12:26:14 GMT-10
Subject: Workflow in an automated serials check-in environment

I am seeking the experience of other large libraries who have already
converted to an automated serials check-in environment, since our
library is soon to convert to automated serials check-in for the first

The University of Queensland is a large institution with a Central
Library and 12 branch libraries. Both Acquisitions (including serials
check-in) and Cataloguing are centralized activities. We have 22,500
current serial subscriptions and I am wondering how libraries with
similar sized and centrally processed collections handle the workflow
for serials check-in in an automated environment:-

1.Do serials check-in staff open the mailed journal issues themselves?

2.Are journal issues pre-sorted and if so how? e.g. alphabetically

3.How are staff allocated work areas:-
   (a)Is it by subject area, format, document type? e.g. biological
sciences, non-print material, government publications

   (b)Is it apportioned alphabetically by journal titles?

   (c)Is there no formal allocation of work areas?

It would be appreciated if replies could be sent directly to me and
not via the list.

Thank you,

Rosemary Meiklejohn
Serials Librarian
Acquisitions Dept.
Central Library
University of Queensland
St. Lucia Campus 4072
Queensland, Australia
FAX:07 365 6888