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Mutilation of Periodicals (2 messages) Birdie MacLennan 09 Jun 1995 19:27 UTC

2 messages, 80 lines (in reply to Colin Ma):
Colin Ma <coma@INDIANA.EDU> wrote:
>  I'm interested in the problem of mutilation of periodicals in libraries.
>  What are the most cost-effective methods of deterring mutilation (ripoffs)
>of articles?  Would obtaining more photocopiers work, or would that be more
>costly than just replacing all lost journal articles?
>  Would posting signs about the illegality of mutilation reduce the
>occurrence, or would it make patrons resentful? ....

Date:         Fri, 9 Jun 1995 09:54:09 -0500
From:         Jim Mumm <MUMMJ@VMS.CSD.MU.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Mutilation of Periodicals (Colin Ma)

My own personal opinion, and of course this is a personal opinion, is to
take action against the perpetrators if and when they can be found.

The first step is to find out what your student handbook says.  Does it
include a section on disciplinary action for defacement of library
property?  If not, it should.  Does it include a section on disciplinary
action for defacement of school property?  If this information is not in
the student handbook, it must be published somewhere.

The second step I would take is to try to educate the students that
destroying library property is a: wrong, b: detrimental to all patrons
(including the patron who is destroying the property), c: subject to
disciplinary action as per the first step.

The third step would be to come down hard on students who violate the
rules and are caught.  This obviously must be done in coordination with
the university administration, but the student body at large will
appreciate the fact that steps are being taken to preserve their
material.  As to the perpetrator, this patron will know after one
discipline session that his/her action is being watched.  The would-be
perpetrators are also put on notice by this action.  When word gets
around that the library is taking discipline seriously (and that they
could lose out big time) they will think twice before ripping themselves off.

The question was asked whether posting signs will make patrons more
resentful.  I think the patrons are most resentful when they cannot find
the material they want, especially when the catalog says it should be there.

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Date:         Fri, 9 Jun 1995 11:32:21 -0400
From:         Florence Schreibstein <schreibs@AECOM.YU.EDU>
Subject:      Re: Mutilation of Periodicals (Colin Ma)

At the Albert Einstein College of Medicine we have a 'missing pages'  file
cabinet. We also add a note to the spine of the volume that pages are
missing and where to find them.

 We have not found that more photocopiers is a deterrent.  We are trying
more publicity through the Library's newsletter but I'm not optimistic that
it will change behavior.

It is a constant and lately, an increasing problem.  One of my fantasies is
to be able to catch someone in the act.  Boiling oil is too good.

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