Re. Agent Proforma Invoices (Christina McCawley) L-Soft list server at UVMVM (1.8b) 14 Jun 1995 20:37 UTC

From: "McCawley, Christina" <>
Subject: RE: Agent Proforma Invoices
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 10:07:00 PDT


 We have about the same number of current subscriptions as you do, and we
spent this year about three hours doing a line-by-line check of the proforma
against last year's invoice.  Everything went very smoothly.  There were a
few title changes which were new information, but all the other data we just
trust and accept.  It's a situation where if a problem arises at a later
time, it can be addressed then.

Do you have the ability to run a VITLS (vendor invoice tape load)?  If so,
this could make the price checking and entering for payment speedier for
you.   We have NOTIS and hope to run our first VITLS this year.

Christina McCawley
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Sonya Foust <> wrote:
> We have just received our proforma invoice from
> our agent and I was wondering the procedures
> that you out there in "serial land" use to process
> the information on the invoice.  We have about
> 3000 active titles and I find it a months job
> to check out all the info....Title numbers, title
> changes, price increases, journals behind in
> publication (whether to enter for payment or
> not), etc., etc.....