Vacancy Announcement - Indiana State Library Doug Conrads 16 Jun 1995 16:53 UTC


POSITION: Assistant Federal Documents Cataloger


DIVISION WITHIN AGENCY: Catalog Division, Serials Section

RESPONSIBILITIES: Prepares original brief serial and monograph catalog
records of federal documents for which cataloging copy is not available on
OCLC.  This involves assignment of name entries and uniform title main
entries according to AACR2 (Rev. 1988 ed.) and the creation of SuDocs
classification numbers.  Prepares serial catalog records and serial
holdings records for serial titles which have undergone a change in title,
and/or change in issuing agency and SuDocs classification.  Revises serial
cataloging of titles which have ceased or require closure, with the
appropriate transfer of holdings.  Revises cataloging and/or updates
serials holdings records and material to reflect corrections in SuDocs
classification issued by GPO.  Maintains item number card file, shelflist
card catalog, and title card catalog.  Assists 35 federal selective
depository libraries in Indiana with questions/problems concerning the
technical services aspect of the Federal Depository Library Program.
Assists the Serials/Documents Cataloger with disposal lists received from
the 35 federal selective depository libraries in Indiana.  Assists library
staff with the use of federal document card catalogs, federal document
serials check-in files, and other federal document files.

DESIRED KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of the Federal Depository
Library Program; knowledge of AACR1 and AACR2 (Rev. 1988 ed.), as
interpreted by the Library of Congress and GPO; knowledge of the MARC
format for serials and monographs; knowledge of rules governing the
creation/assignment of SuDocs classification numbers; use of standard
bibliographic tools, e.g. Monthly Catalog of United States Government
Publications, Guide to U.S. Government Publications, PRF, and GPO
Depository Union List of Item Selections; abililty to operate an OCLC
workstation to search the OCLC Online Union Catalog and the OCLC Authority
File; knowledge of ALA Card Filing Rules; familiarity with the use of
microcomputers and their applications; ability to analyze and resolve
complex cataloging cataloging and processing problems; ability to interpret
and apply policy directives; ability to communicate effectively verbally
and in writing.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: MLS from an accredited library school and 3 years
cataloging experience after the MLS, preferably in federal documents.


BENEFITS: Group insurance plans for health, dental, life, vision, and
disability; 1 day of vacation leave per month, 9 days of sick leave and 3
days of personal leave per year; Public Employees Retirement Fund; Social

APPLICANTS: Resume, transcripts, and application form should be submitted
to Peggy Morlan, Indiana State Library, 140 N. Senate Ave., Room 406,
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2296 (telephone: (317) 232-3695).

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 makes it unlawful to hire
unauthorized aliens.  All new hires will be required to provide
documentation of identity and employment eligibility within 3 day of

In accordance with Americans With Disability Act, please notify us if you
require special accomodations.