Enhancements to Faxon WWW Server Fritz Schwartz 20 Jun 1995 16:23 UTC

The Faxon Company is pleased to announce two recent additions to the Faxon
WWW server at <http://www.faxon.com>.

First, in addition to the conference information that we began to include
at ALA Midwinter (hotel lists, links to the respective local home pages,
and library and serial related organizations) we have begun to include
listings of all serials related meetings to be held at ALA.  Please feel
free to send us your listings by e-mail, and at no charge we will make
every effort to mount them on the Faxon server in the "What's New" section
of the home page.  The destination e-mail address for such listings is
"webmaster@faxon.com".  We plan to continue this service to our community

Second, we have mounted on the Faxon server what we believe to be the only
bar code resource guide available on the Internet.  It is titled "Faxon Bar
Code Resource Guide for Librarians and Publishers" and resembles our
popular "Faxon EDI Resource Guide".  We have included a list of all of the
relevant standards organizations and trade associations concerned with bar
codes, a synopsis of all bar code symbologies of interest to our community,
standards, guidelines, monograph and serial titles, directories, articles,
and links to WWW sites on the Internet -- all concerned with bar code
technology.  You can find this resource in the "Standards" section of the
home page.

We hope that you will find both of these enhancements to the Faxon WWW
server useful.  Please visit us at <http://www.faxon.com>.  Thank you.

Fritz Schwartz; Manager, Electronic Services & Standards
The Faxon Co.,15 Southwest Park,, Westwood, MA 02090
Phone: 617-329-3350 / Fax: 617-329-8987 /
Net: schwartz@faxon.com / WWW: <http://www.faxon.com/>