Reader/Printer for Ultra-microfiche: LAC and LEL Joanne Conroy 21 Jun 1995 17:10 UTC

We are shopping for an R/P that can make copies of fiche entitled
Library of American Civilization, (LAC) and Library of English
Literature,(LEL) published and manufactured by Encyclopaedia
Britannica in the 1970's.  The pages are greatly reduced on the fiche.

We have an old Bell & Howell R/P (ABR 610) which can make copies of
these tiny fiche images, by using a certain lens which enlarges
the image to a size that can be copied,  but this machine will soon
be obsolete because paper supplies will not be manufactured in the
future.  We have readers for the ultra-fiche, but they are not

We are in the market for a microform Reader/Printer with a bi-mode
universal carrier.  We have looked at several brands, which are
great for standard positive or negative microfilm and microfiche
but so far have not been shown a model or lens that can handle the
LAC and LEL collections as well.

Since we have an investment in the LAC and LEL collections, including
records of LAC on our automated catalog, we would like to have the
equipment to enable users to copy.

Any information, ideas, or product recommendations from Serialist
subscribers would be appreciated.

 Joanne Conroy <JCONROY@SBU.EDU>
 Saint Bonaventure University