Re: Newspaper Check-in Steve Murden 30 Jun 1995 22:46 UTC

With the implementation of NOTIS LSER, we have stopped checking-in
most newspapers.  Basically, we needed to cut some corners because
of a hiring freeze and several staff vacancies, so this seemed like
a good time to do it.  We have the local paper, the NY Times,
Washington Post, and WSJ delivered daily by local vendors, so we
are immediately aware when they do not arrive.  For the remainder
of the newspapers, we have devised a monthly shelf-reading check-
off form.  Student workers will "read" the newspaper shelves to
determine if anything has stopped coming.  Since we discard most
papers after a very limited retention period, we hope that this
will work.  We are currently looking at every task we perform, to
decide what we can eliminate.

Steve Murden
Virginia Commonwealth University