Faxon AND Ebsco (Gloria Ostrander-Dykstra) Marcia Tuttle 13 Jul 1995 17:34 UTC

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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 09:10:15 MST
From: Gloria Ostrander <ALIOSTRA@IDBSU.IDBSU.EDU>
Subject: Faxon AND Ebsco

You might want to consider transferring some of your titles.  This would allow
you, and your staff members who work most closely with the vendors, to help you
evaluate consistent (or not) discounts, invoicing practices, prepayment interes
& practice, handling costs, & general service attitudes of sales & service reps
When you consider the various direct STOS  and problem publications, many of us
deal with a variety of vendors anyway, and "splitting" your list may provide
you with some new insights, even some leverage.

Gloria Ostrander-Dykstra
Boise State University Library