Digital Microform Printers (Joanne Conroy) Marcia Tuttle 13 Jul 1995 19:39 UTC

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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 14:56:15 EDT
From: Joanne Conroy <JCONROY@SBU.EDU>
Subject: Digital Microform Printers

Thank you everyone who responded to my request for information on
printers which can handle ultra-fiche.  Minolta 605Z
with an extra 87x lens seemed to have the most endorsements. I also
received a lot of valuable information on R/P's in general from
Serialst subscribers, and have the messages filed away for use in our
decision. I received many answers on the List, and also on my personal
E-Mail address.

We are still waiting for additional vendor-quotes before purchase of
an R/P.

Digital Scanner R/P's were proposed as a solution by some vendors.
I'm waiting for a print-out from a digital scanner laser printer
of an ultra-fiche, which a sales rep. thinks could be readable with
a 72x lens available as an extra.  Does anyone out there have this

     Anacomp MicroImage Digital Scanner 300

Because of price and proven service, we will probably go with an
optical R/P this year, but we're looking to the future.  Are there
any other digital brands subscribers could comment on or recommend?

Thanks again for the R/P ultra-fiche information.  This is an ultra-
great list!

Joanne Conroy