Position Announcements (Mississippi Library Commission) Marcia Tuttle 19 Jul 1995 18:07 UTC

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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 1995 11:02:50 -0500
From: Sara Tubb <mlcref@MLC.LIB.MS.US>
Subject: Position Announcements

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The Mississippi Library Commission, a state library, is seeking
to fill the following positions:

Librarian IV/Cataloging Services Coordinator:
Supervise a staff of three, coordinate cataloging of new purchases
for agency with a $350,000 + annual materials budget using OCLC;
supervise  professional and paraprofessional staff; maintain the
integrity of the library's Dynix databases and the MS Union Catalog
currently  on CD-ROM; remain current on cataloging and classification
rules and procedures; compile statistical reports; and provide
consultation  services to Mississippi libraries in cataloging
activities.  ALA/MLS and three years experience as a professional
librarian, at least one year of which shall be in MARC
(Machine Readable Catalog) format on a major cataloging network,
such as Online Computer Library Center (OCLC.)

Starting Salary Range: $26.089 -$28,823 annually depending upon

Position Salary Range: $26,089-$39,071.

Librarian II/Talking Book and Braille Services Librarian:
Serves as assistant coordinator and supervises two Readers' Advisors.
Responsible for Patron Services to approximately 3,000 blind and
physically disabled patrons.  ALA/MLA, supervisory skills
are required.

Starting Salary Range: $21,372 - $23,606 annually.

Position Salary Range: $21,372 - $32,017 annually.

Writes press releases, position papers, presentations, and other
materials; supervises one public information officer and two printers;
coordinates production of all agency publications; guides activities
of Friends of MS Libraries; reviews state legislative bills and
deadlines affecting agency and state libraries.  Qualifications
required:   Masters degree in Public Relations, Journalism,
Advertising or Radio and Television Communications and five years
of work experience;
Bachelor's degree in above majors and six years of work experience;
High school diploma or GED and ten years of related experience, 4 years
of which must be directly related.  Experience in graphics layout and
design is desirable.

Starting Salary Range: $28,677 - $31,683 annually.
Position Salary Range: $28,677 - $42,953 annually.

Request a state application from:
Ms. Cheryl G. Mott, Human Resources Director
P. O. Box 10700
Jackson, MS 39289-0700.
EEO.  (601) 359-1036, TT/Voice (601) 354-6411.

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