Re: Mono/serials percentages (David Foreman) Marcia Tuttle 19 Jul 1995 23:50 UTC

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Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 08:23:00 +1200
From: David Foreman <DFOREMAN@WAIKATO.AC.NZ>
Subject: Re: Mono/serials percentages (Genevieve Clay)

Traditionally, the University of Waikato Library, Hamilton, New Zealand, had
a policy of ensuring that serials expenditure took up no more than 60% of the
total Library materials budget. It proved very hard to keep serials at or
below that mark and they tended to amount to 62-64% of the budget. We have
now entirely abandoned any such restraint; most funds are devolved entirely
to the ordering academic departments and the upshot, perhaps predictably, has
been a rise in serials' share of the budget.
                                                 David Foreman