Williams & Wilkins Subscribers & Duplicate Notifications Dorothy Ruyak 24 Jul 1995 20:23 UTC

Editor's note:  The following message provides some additional information
in regard to a discussion that took place on SERIALST during June 7-9, 1995,
with the subject line: "Waste of our subscription dollars."    -bml
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     In April, Williams & Wilkins enhanced its customer service
     capabilities when it moved to a new computer system called Publisher's
     Advantage Computing System.  The advantage to us is greater
     flexibility in processing work, easier to access information in
     responding to customer telephone calls, and quicker response to
     special situations of interst to our customers.  Advantage is a
     product of T and B Computing out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

     One of the first activities on the new system was to send renewals to
     subscribers in 1994 who had not renewed.  We focused on those
     subscribers who subscribe through a subscription agent in the past,
     but who, according to our records, had not renewed for 1995.  Because
     of the conversion and the way records were maintained on the old
     system, a number of renewal notices were sent to those who had already
     renewed through a new agent.  In some cases, institutional subscribers
     received as many as 54 separate, seemingly duplicate, notices.  We
     apologize for any inconvenience these notices may have caused, but
     thank you for your patience.  Records were corrected as we received
     information from you.