Canon 100 Digital Microprinters Anne P. Benham 27 Jul 1995 23:55 UTC

We would appreciate hearing from anyone able to share his or her
experience with the performance and repair service of the Canon
Digital Microprinter.

In March, we purchased two of these machines, which have been
heavily used by our patrons, who have been generally very pleased
with them.  We have been less enthusiastic than our patrons
because we feel the Canons have been "down" too much for brand
new machines, and often the repair service has been

In addition to comments about the Canon 100's, we are interested
in hearing from those who have experience with the Minolta 605.
We have heard good things about the performance of this model in
a context of heavy patron use.

Please repsond directly to:
                         Anne Benham
                         Alderman Library

                         University of Virginia.

Many thanks.